• Immortalize The Moment.

  • About Passerby Photography

    The Owner

    Trevor McCarthy

    An engineer by trade with interests in soccer and hiking, Trevor's interest in photography stems from his love of capturing the intense emotion and purpose hidden in everyday life. Through photography, Trevor is able to immortalize the moments that mean the most to his clients.

    The Practice

    Passerby Photography Co.

    Hampton Roads has its fair share of contract photographers, but none can quite match the personality and life of a Passerby piece. With experience in engagement shoots, athletic festivals, and nature scenes, Passerby stands ready to capture the moments that mean the most to you.

  • Our Comprehensive Packages


    Secure a full day of memories, including post-editing and watermark free ownership of all photographs captured.


    A 3-hour shoot at the location of your choice, with free ownership of all photographs captured.


    Featuring 4 hours of photography and expedited post-editing following game/festival completion.


    Affordable plans to make sure your special accomplishment is never forgotten.


    A 1-2 hour shoot in the location of your choice; can be individual or group (such as a networking function).


    Whatever your dream is, let's work together to make it a reality.

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